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Why the price?

So, I feel like maybe I should address the price point.

Why $40? Well’s worth that much, and a little bit more in my opinion. It’s a one on one session with myself and your dog, your family. I treat them how I treat my own. They also get a climate controlled walk so overheating and burned paws aren’t a concern.

Then there’s the convenience factor. I go to your home and walk them at your curbside. You schedule when and I’m there. Watch, relax in the house, cook dinner, clean, or whatever you need to do, you don’t have to worry about your pup.

Lastly your pup gets more than a walk or run. The slatmill being manual power (self powered), your dog is having to work harder to maintain a walk, trot, or run. They have to focus and engage with the slatmill giving them mental stimulation. A client brought me a 7 month old King Shepherd, he was cooped up and full of energy she just couldn’t keep up with. 30 minutes with me and he slept in till 1pm the next day.

At the end of the day, between the care, convenience, and ability to truly reduce those energy levels of your dogs, it’s a bargain.

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